The 2020 JHU Business Plan Competition

Thank you to all the student teams, mentors, and judges, who through an incredible commitment to the competition, allowed the event to carry on virtually despite the closure of the Homewood Campus.



Competed in the final rounds.



Presented innovative ventures.



Evaluated pitches and presentations.

The complete list of our 2020 winners is below. You can find a full list of competing teams in our brochure. Congratulations to the winners and all who participated. It was a pleasure to learn about and be inspired by your innovative ventures!

General Enterprise & Technology

3rd Place – Heavy Metal Measurement (HMM)

Kristen Nixon
Mallika Akhtar
Tuo Lu

2nd Place – NaturAlly

Bhagyashree Maity
Arun Sampath
Zeel Shah
Klinzman Dennis Vaz

1st Place – The New Norm

Lauren Choi

Medical Technology & Life Sciences

3rd Place (Room I) – Luminate

Aidan Aug
Marianna Elia
Ashley Li
Claire State
Matthew Wang
Samantha Weed

3rd Place (Room II) – Urinefo

Clara Kochendoerfer
Rodrigo Lamas
Silu Men
David Shi
Allen Wang
Justin Zhou

2nd Place (Room I) – ContinueHealth

Ali Afshar
Kirby Gong

2nd Place (Room II) – revIVe

Brooke Hayley
Niranjanaa Jeeva
Disha Mankodi
Natsuha Omori
Shayan Roychoudhury
Noah Yang

1st Place (Room I) – Benegraft

Sabin Karki

1st Place (Room II) – VestiTech

Sarah Bortel
Emily Burnette
Victoria Chen
Nickholas Gutierrez
Jakob Heinz
Maggie Wang

Social Enterprise

3rd Place – Seedling

Manuel Hernandez-Meza
Nathan Ji
Arshdeep Singh
Dominique Varier
Bowen Bai
Ciara Henry

2nd Place – ByteSight

Ebenezer Adjei Armah
Zack Buono
Sophia Diaz
Karina Frank
Kiley Gersch
Monet Slinowsky

1st Place – Oculy

Brooke Hayley
Niranjanaa Jeeva
Disha Mankodi
Natsuha Omori
Shayan Roychoudhury