Judges Resources

Thank you for volunteering your time to be a judge for the 2018 Johns Hopkins University Business Plan Competition.

As the judging progresses we wanted to provide you with resources that will help you through the process.

If you have not created an account and logged into the platform, please contact Bob Graham at bgraham@jhu.edu for your access link.

If you have registered and created an account for the platform, Reviewr, judging is quite simple.

When you log in, directions will be clearly stated.

How Judges Review


Below the instructions you will find the teams assigned to your designated category.

Judges - Submissions


Each judge will only be assigned one category, unless they request otherwise. If your category is highlighted in red, this means none of the submissions have been reviewed.

To begin reviewing, click the “View” link next to each submission. You will have access to view all of the submission information (Executive Summary, Resumes, etc).

Judging- Cont.


To the right of the Submission View will be an “Evaluate Now” button, with the judging period listed.  Judges will have two weeks to complete their review.

Judging- Cont. 2





When you begin evaluating, the red highlighted tab will become yellow, to signify you are in process.  Once all evaluations are complete, the tab will turn green.

If you have any questions during the evaluation process, please contact Megan Capano at megan.capano@jhu.edu.

Thank you,

JHU Business Plan Competition Team

Johns Hopkins University Business Plan Competition