Mentors have two-week feedback windows in which to leave comments on business plans for each round of competition:

Round 1 Feedback Window – February 18-March 3, 2019

Round 2 Feedback Window – April 1-14, 2019

To view and leave feedback on the participants’ plans, you will use a platform called LivePlan. In the next couple of days, you will receive an automated email from LivePlan which contains an invitation link that will prompt you to create a password and log in to LivePlan. Here are instructions to accept the LivePlan invitation.

This email may go to your spam folder, so make sure to check there if you can’t find it. If you are mentoring teams in different categories, you’ll receive multiple invites to the different category accounts. Make sure to accept each invite.

*The LivePlan invites will expire after 7 days and will need to be resent, so make sure to find and accept the invite email quickly as that will be the only way for you to review progress and leave feedback on the plans.*

Contact the LivePlan support team if you have any trouble.

LivePlan Overview

When you first log in, you will be taken to the “Launchpad”, which is where you can see the LivePlan accounts that you have access to view. In this case, each account is associated with a competition category. If you’re mentoring teams in different categories, you’ll see multiple accounts in the “other accounts” section of the Launchpad. Select “go to account” next to the account name to view the plans in that category.

Once you’re in the category account, you’ll see all of the participant plans that you have access to. Select a plan to review and leave feedback. To switch to other plans in that account, click on the drop-down next to the LivePlan logo in the upper left-hand corner and select “View all companies.”

From that screen, you will be able to select the different participant plans to review. You’ll only be able to see the plans for the teams that you’ll be mentoring.

Most of the students’ work will be done in the “Plan” section, which contains templates for each team to follow. Click here for a guide to find your way around LivePlan.

Leaving Feedback in LivePlan

In the “Plan” tab, which is where students will complete the competition rounds, there is a “comments” field under each section. This is where you will leave your feedback on the plans. Click here to learn more. Students can respond to your feedback with their own comments, starting a virtual conversation in LivePlan.

Round 1 Feedback Notes

  • For Round 1, mentors are only responsible for commenting on the content under the “Round 1: Summary of Idea” subheading within the “Plan” tab.
  • Though students may also complete content under the Round 2 subheading, mentors should not leave comments on Round 2 content. Mentors will provide feedback on Round 2 during the second Mentorship Feedback Window.
  • Students may also choose to utilize the additional tabs available in LivePlan, but the comment function is unavailable in these tabs.